101 in 1001

101 in 1001: 958 days remaining

Once a month I’ll be checking in to share any progress or successes with my Day Zero Project. You can see my full list here on the blog, or at the Day Zero Project website.

It’s been an okay month for my Day Zero Project – I’ve made progress on a few, completed one more, and started a few new ones.

1. Take an online or evening course or complete a language on Duolingo

I’ve started the new Japanese course on Duolingo, which is super fun. I’ve barely made a dent on the tree so far but I’ve really been enjoying it.

8. Take part in an organised run (parkrun counts!) – Complete

I took part in a charity 10K since my last update! I didn’t run the whole thing, but I was pretty pleased with how much of it I did run, and I’d definitely consider doing another one!

34. Five day/evening out dates [1/5]

We went to another town to do some shopping – mostly of the window variety! – and had Wagamamas for lunch.

37. Watch 101 movies [3/101]

An extra two movies watched – Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (enjoyable enough, pretty standard for the series) and Wonder Woman (awesome!).


63. Get rid of 100 things [23/100]

I had a bit of a ruthless cull of my bookshelves and have pulled out 22 books to donate. That might not sound like that many but I only have a small shelf so it’s made a pretty substantial dent – which was totally necessary because I have too many books.

66. Try bullet-journalling for 3 months [0/12 weeks]

This needs to be 3 months of consistent use, so although last month I’d used it for a week, I’ve failed since so I’m back to the beginning!  I’m finding the biggest issue is future planning, since I work irregular shifts, so I’m setting up a new bullet journal with that in mind and I’m hoping that could finally be the end of my bullet trouble issues…

72. Pay off computer [400/1000]

Another £100 paid off.

73. Pay off overdraft [200/2000]

Only an extra £50 in this month 🙁 But better than none.


90. Read 200 books [16/200]

So far this month I’ve finished Flame in the Mist (11), Am I Normal Yet? (12), How Hard Can Love Be (13), The House of Hades (14), Ink (15), The Dry (16), .


96. Finish/Catch up on 24 book series (1/24)

The Spinster Club (as far as I know) are all out now with no more planned, so I can safely mark that series as complete, as I’d read What’s a Girl Gotta Do? before reading the first two this month.

Current project stats

Days elapsed: 43 (4.3%)
Days remaining: 958 (95.7%)
Goals completed: 2 (2%)
Goals in progress: 14 (13.9%)
Goals not yet started: 85 (84.2%)

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