Stacking the shelves

The Sunday Post

Reading this week:

  • I finished The Nowhere Man
  • I discovered the Prime Reading part of Amazon and instantly started Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers
  • Also through Prime Reading I read Attack on Titan volume 1

Reading next:

I’m honestly not sure what I fancy reading next which is partly why I was so excited to find the comics section of the Prime Reading feature, because it meant I could get stuck into one of those while I tried to figure out what I fancied.  I was really in the mood for Rain & Storm by Amanda Sun for the Can You Read a Series in a month challenge, but as you can probably tell by the fact it’s the 25th and I’ve so far only read the first book, I’m not feeling quite so desperate to pick them up at the minute!  That’s partially just because I’ve been really in the mood for physical books over kindle – I blame the nice weather, because even though I can read on my kindle in the sun, I’d prefer paper.

This week on the blog:

Coming up next week:

  • Top Ten Tuesday: Best books I’ve read so far this year
  • Mini review for Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Avengers

Posts I loved this week:

  • Given that our internet has been down quite a bit this week and today is the first day I’ve done any blogging or blog reading, I haven’t got anything to share yet! That’s also why I didn’t post as much as I’d like and why I’ve not done much scheduling ahead!

Books added to my shelves this week:

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1: Cosmic Avengers  – Borrowed
Attack on Titan volume 1 – Borrowed
The Nowhere Man (Gregg Hurwitz) – Bought

How was your week?

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