Harry Potter month

Harry Potter Month

The last few years, every July myself and Micheline have run Harry Potter Month and had an absolute blast! This year it’s back with new ways to earn points (including a way for those of you taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo and those of you who are bookstagrammers) as well as a whole new readathon element!

What’s Harry Potter Month?!

Harry Potter month is basically a month long celebration of all things Harry Potter!  We chose July because it ends with Harry’s birthday, and of course this year it’s also building up to the paperback release of the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child.

There are three main ways to join in:
1) Posting Harry Potter related blog posts any time throughout the month
2) Taking part in the Harry Potter Month Readathon
3) Participating in the House Cup – earning points for your House and trying to win the House Cup!

You can do just the blog-posting or just the readathon (both of which also earn you points in the House Cup if you choose to join in!) or you can take part in just the House Cup.  There’s no minimum or maximum involvement, just have fun!

What can I post about?

Pretty much anything as long as it has SOMETHING to do with Harry Potter! For example you could post….

  • Reviews of the books or films
  • Comparisons of the books v the films
  • Favourites lists: characters, quotes, scenes, pairings
  • Inspired by Harry Potter: Fashion, make up, nail art, recipes
  • If you liked Harry Potter you might like…. books, tv shows, films etc
  • Fanfiction: Fanfics you’ve enjoyed, fanfics you’ve written, fanfic challenges you’ve taken part in or would like to take part in
  • Discussions: Why you love Harry Potter, which House you think you’d be and why, problems in Harry Potter, what Harry Potter means to you…anything!
  • Harry Potter crafts: wallpapers, bookmarks, icons, recipes, drink recipes
  • Harry Potter parties: Game ideas, decor ideas, drinking games

What’s the House Cup all about?

You choose your Hogwarts House, and then have fun earning points by completing any of a number of tasks, such as watching one of the films, commenting on other bloggers’ posts, making a HP related craft or playing on Pottermore!

To take part in the house cup is really really simple:

  1. Leave a comment below with which House you’d like to be in.
  2. Have fun doing any of the tasks below between midnight on 1st July and midnight on 31st July!
  3. Come back here, or to Micheline’s post, as often as you like and leave a comment with any points you’ve earned
  4. Once a week Micheline and I’ll be taking turns to recap the points so far, and on the 3rd of August we’ll declare the House Cup Winners
  5. Enjoy, and maybe win a prize 😉

Ways to earn points:

Read a Harry Potter fanfiction: 1 point per chapter (let us know which in the comments!)
Leave a comment on any post by a HP month participant (but not a HP month post): 1 point
Write HP fanfiction:
1 point per 100 words written
Take part in one of the Harry Potter Word Crawls:
1 point per 100 words written
Leave a comment on any Harry Potter month post:
3 points
A HP related instagram pic (tagged #HPMonth):
5 points (1 per day max)
Watch a HP documentary:
5 points
Complete a Pottermore chapter:
5 points
Watch one of the films:
5 points
Read one of the Hogwarts Library books:
10 points
Post as part of Harry Potter month: 10 points
Take part in HP Moment of the Week:
10 points
Make a Harry Potter craft/recipe:
15 points
Host a giveaway:
15 points
Finish any book as part of the readathon:
20 points
Read one of the Harry Potter books:
25 points

** Tasks can be combined (within reason!)

How do I update my points?

Just leave a comment below with your name, house and any points you’ve earned since you last commented.  Something like this would do perfectly:

Faith (Slytherin)
1 HP Month post = 10 points
Watched Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone = 5 points

If you’d rather skip the maths, feel free! Just let us know which tasks you completed and we’ll do our best to add everything up correctly.

Is there a prize?

Yes! For every house point you earn, you’ll get one entry into the prize draw.  You can sign up for the cup until the 24th of July, and you’ve got until midnight BST on the 1st of August to comment with your points for them to count.


Slytherin: 381
Faith (285)
Christina (96)

Gryffindor: 202
Micheline (202)

Ravenclaw: 319
Melissa (45)
Lee (101)
Carrie (173)

Hufflepuff: 461
Alex (461)

20 thoughts on “Harry Potter Month

  1. So I’m FINALLY catching up posting all my points. Posted here and on Micheline’s blog for transparency’s sake 😉

    Comment on Micheline’s Favourite Dean moment = 3
    Comment on Alex’s Favourite Dean moment = 3
    Comment on Alex’s Readathon progress = 3
    Comment on Christina’s post about Life as a Background Slytherin comics = 3
    Comment on Lee’s HPMOTW (Dragon v Aragog) = 3
    Comment on Carrie’s post about fiction in Harry Potter = 3
    Posted Harry Potter MOTW (Favourite Dean moment) = 10
    Posted about HP Month readathon progress = 10
    Posted about HP & NaNoWriMo = 10
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read the first book in a series – The Novice) = 20
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read a book where someone finds out they’re not who they thought they were – The Inquisition) = 20
    Read a book for HP & POA readathon prompt (Read a book where a person hides who they are or wears a disguise – Black Panther: Who is the Black Panther?) = 10
    Read a book for HP & GOF readathon prompt (Read a book with a contest of some kind – The Last One) = 20
    Read a book for HP & HBP readathon prompt (Read a book that you expect will make you cry – Fierce Kingdom)= 20

    Total points = 138

  2. Hi! I’m late but I need to start recording points – I might be back later today with more to add 🙂 Posting here and on my own blog for transparency’s sake as well:

    Micheline – Gryffindor

    Posts: 4 x 10 points = 40 (The Hogwarts Tag, Harry Potter Moment x3)
    Films watched: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) 8 x 5 points = 40
    Comments: 4 x 3 = 12 (Rally the Readers HP Month Intro, Book Banner’s HP Month Intro, Rally the Readers 20 years of HP, Book Banner’s Readathon Post)
    HPMotW Comments : 2 x 3 = 6 (Caffeinated Bibliophile, Rally the Readers, Book Banner)

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Fandom Mashup #118My Profile

  3. And I’m back! Posting here and on my blog again 🙂

    Micheline – Gryffindor

    Post: Loveable Villains in HP – 10

    Comments: 8 x 3 = 24 (Faith’s Dean Moment, Faith’s Readathon Update, Faith’s Readathon Post, Faith’s HPM/NaNo post, Book Banner’s HP quote, Christina’s Background Slytherin, Rally the Reader’s Wand Experience at Universal, Carrie’s post about fiction at the Hogwarts Library)

    HPMotW Comments: 5 x 3 = 15 B(ook Banner x 2, Rally the Readers x 2, Creative Therapy)

    10+24+15 = 49

  4. Comment on Melissa’s Wand experience = 3
    Comment on Lee’s HPMOTW (study partners) = 3
    Comment on Carrie’s Drarry fanfics post = 3
    Comment on Micheline’s Hogwarts Tag post = 3
    Posted about The Hogwarts Tag = 10
    Read a book for HP & PS readathon prompt (Read a book with a great friendship group – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) = 20
    Read a HP book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) = 25
    Finished all the readathon prompts for HP & PS = 25

    Total points = 92

  5. Posted about finding comfort in Harry Potter = 10
    Read a book for HP & CS readathon prompt (Read a book that features a funeral, a feast or a party – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) = 20
    Read a HP book (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) = 25

    Total points = 55

  6. Micheline – Gryffindor

    Posts: 3×10 =30 (Harry Potter is the Gateway Fandom,Fandom Mashup Post: All About Gryffindor, Could there have been a different Chosen One?)
    Comments: 5×3 =15 (Cat’s Favorite Drarry Fanfics, Rally the Readers HP Bucket List, The Book Banner’s DH quote, Faith’s Finding Comfort in HP, Faith’s Hogwarts Tag)

    Total points = 45

  7. Alex (Hufflepuff)

    2 Instagram pics: @alexandriapaige 7/24/17, 7/30/17
    = 10 points

    1 craft: Harry Potter greeting cards
    = 15 points

    1 HP month posts: HPMotW #104
    = 10 points

    6 readathon books:
    (HBP: someone who’s doing the wrong things for what they think are the right reasons) Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
    (CoS: a book that features a funeral, a feast or a party) Geekerella by Ashley Poston
    (DH: A series finale) The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson
    (FB: A spin off or prequel) Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
    (GoF: A book with sports) Hawkeye Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Matt Fraction — half points
    = 100 points

    (if I read this correctly) Finish a prompt from all eight books
    =50 points

    9 HP month post comments:
    Micheline’s HPMotW #202, Harry Potter IS the Gateway Fandom, Loveable Villains in Harry Potter? Lee’s HP Bucket List
    Melissa’s HPMotW #174, My wand experience at Universal’s WWofHP
    Carrie’s Five Fav Drarry Fanfiction
    Faith’s the Hogwarts Tag, Finding comfort in HP
    = 27 points

    Total points = 212 (unless the readathon thing is inaccurate, then it’s 162)

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