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June Wrap-Up


This month has seen a real upsurge in graphic novels and manga, mostly thanks to the fact I discovered Amazon Prime Reading, which meant I got to borrow and read the comics and graphic novels for free on my ipad.  My library has a similar functionality but sadly a very small selection of manga and graphic novels, so I’ve been really enjoying this new Prime feature.  I thought I’d love Who Runs the World? and actually really didn’t, which slowed my reading down a bit this month, but I finished two audiobooks (House of Hades and Fight and Flight).

House of Hades | Ink | The Dry | Who Runs the World? | The Nowhere Man | Attack on Titan v1 | Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Avengers | Ms Marvel | The Adversary | Fight and Flight

Books read: 10 (2 less than May)
Pages read: 2720 (1583 less than May)
Average pages per day: 91 (48 less than May)
Average book length: 272 (86 less than May)
Favourites: The Dry, Ms Marvel, Fight and Flight

Watching & Gaming

Lots of TV catching up this month – we’re now up to date on Nashville, and very nearly up to date with Doctor Who.  We’ve been catching up on Agents of SHIELD and have started American Gods.  I’ve also finished Pretty Little Liars, started Attack on Titan series 2, and made a little bit of progress on Grey’s Anatomy. In terms of films we’ve seen Wonder Woman (awesome) and Pirates of the Caribbean (not bad).

In terms of gaming, I’ve just bought Crash Bandicoot, so I’ve played a little bit of that this month (just an hour or so, I’ve only had it a day!).



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NetGalley % change: -1% (75%)

Challenge Updates

 ** [Bookish Resolutions & Netflix & Books Challenge updates to follow in a separate post] **

Books purchased this year to date: 4
Books purchased and read this year:
Target ratio:

10 books
Books read this month: 0
Books read so far:


Goal: 12 books
Books read this month: 3
Books read so far:


How was your June?

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