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The Reading Quest is a readathon hosted by Aentee (with awesome character art by CW of Read, Think, Ponder) which runs from Sunday 13th August to Sunday 10th September, 2017.  I’ve selected to play as a Knight (it had to be Knight or Mage!), but I might try and finish a few extra side quests too! I’m still tweaking my TBR, and since I’m a huge mood reader it might change anyway, but here’s what I’m planning at the moment.

Level: 2
Overall XP: 80
Overall HP: 115

​The First Book Of A Series: ​
​​A Book With A Verb In Its Title: When Dimple Met Rishi *
​A Book With A Weapon On Its Cover: ​One Dark Throne *
​​A Book With A Red Cover: Wonder Woman: Warbringer *
A Book That Has A TV/Movie Adaptation:  Everything, Everything *

​A Book With A One Word Title:
​A Book That Contains Magic:
​A Book Based On Mythology:
​A Book Set In A Different World:
​The First Book Of A Series: ​

A Book That Has A TV/Movie Adaptation:  Everything, Everything *
​A Fairy Tale Retelling: Lost boy
​A Book Cover With Striking Typography:
​A Book Translated from Another Language:
A Banned Book:​

​A Banned Book:
​A Book Cover With A Partially Obscured Face:
​A Book with <500 Ratings On GoodReads:
​A Book Published By A Small Press:
​A Book With A One Word Title:

Side Quests:
​Potions – A book Concocted by 2+ Authors:
Multi-player – Buddy read a book:
Grind – A Book With 500+ Pages:
​Time Warp- A Book Set In Either The Past Or The Future: ​Spirit Walker
Open World – Read whatever you want!: Death Note 2
Respawn- Read A Book You Previously DNF:
​Expansion- Read A Companion Novel or Short Story:
​Mini-Game- Read A Graphic Novel, Novella, or Poem Collection: Ms Marvel volume 2
Animal Companion- Book Referencing An Animal in The Title:

* Marginalised author

2 thoughts on “#TheReadingQuest Sign Up

  1. I love this challenge – it’s so cute and I love the game board/HP bits. I’ve gone for Rogue first because I’ve bought a few books from small publishers recently that I want to get to. I’d be interested to see how you find One Dark Throne – I liked bits of Three Dark Crowns but it was 3 stars overall for me and I’m torn over whether to continue on.

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