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September Wrap-Up


I’ve read a bit of a mixture this month: 1 manga, more kids than usual, more contemporary than usual, but still some fantasy representation of course! My reviews for Encounters and Tower of Dawn are already scheduled, but suffice to say I loved Tower of Dawn and was bitterly disappointed by Encounters! Indexing was a pleasant surprise: I’m not a huge urban fantasy/paranormal fan, but I love her work as Mira Grant so got this a while ago on audible and ended up enjoying it more than I expected.  The Marsh King’s Daughter was okay, and it was fun to mix things up with some kids books for a change too.

The Marsh King’s Daughter| Indexing | Prisoner of Ice and Snow | Deathnote #6 | Encounters | Noah Can’t Even | Being Miss Nobody | Tower of Dawn | The Bookshop Girl

Books read: 9 (3 less than August)
Pages read: 3132 (1 more than August)
Average pages per day: 101 (exactly the same as August – what are the odds?)
Average book length: 348 (87 more than August)
Favourites: Indexing & Tower of Dawn




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NetGalley % change: +/-0% (75%)

Challenge Updates

 ** [Bookish Resolutions & Netflix & Books Challenge updates to follow in a separate post] **

Books purchased this year to date: 4
Books purchased and read this year:
Target ratio:

10 books
Books read this month: 0
Books read so far:


Goal: 12 books
Books read this month: 1
Books read so far:


How was your September?

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