2018 challenges, Goals

2018 Goals

I’m a big fan of goal setting (even if I’m not necessarily great at following through with them!).  I’m joining in with the Bookish Resolutions challenge which covers reading, writing and blogging related goals so I’m including my sign-up for that in this post.

The Bookish Resolutions challenge is hosted by Laura @ trips down imagination road and Michelle of Because Reading.

Reading Goals (5)

  1. Read 100 books
    I’ve no idea whether 100 is a good goal or too high – I read 103 in 2017, and 105 in 2016, but I’ve got a lot of real life things going on next year so I’m not sure whether I’ll get as much read as I normally do.  On the other hand, I’m feeling really determined right now too, so I don’t want to set it lower!
  2. Finish/catch up with 15 series
    I set a goal of finishing/catching up with 10 series in 2017 and am pleased I managed to exceed it. I want to knock even more series off my TBR this year.
  3. Read at least 12 manga volumes or graphic novels
    2017 is pretty much the first year I really got involved with graphic novels/comics and manga, and I read 17 in total (~17%). I’m hoping to keep that trend up this year, because I loved mixing up my reads with something quick and addictive every now and again.
  4. Get My NetGalley ratio up to (and then keep it above) 80%
    I got it to 75% last year, and I’m hoping I can get to that elusive 80% this year!
  5. Read at least 48 backlist books

Blogging Goals (4)

  1. Post a recap every month
  2. Publish at least 100 blog posts
  3. Take part in at least 3 events (bloggiesta, Blog Ahead, readathons etc)
  4. Review at least half the books I read

Writing Goals (3)

  1. Read at least 2 books related to writing
  2. Join in with Cait and Sky’s Beautiful People meme at least 6 times throughout the year
  3. Try and complete a first draft of something!

Outside of blogging, reading and writing, I’ve got a few personal goals for the year too, not included with the bookish resolutions challenge.  I’ve tried to stick to a few, even though it’s tempting to go mad and decide I’m going to do ALL OF THE THINGS.

Personal Goals

Lose ~3 stone

I’m not 100% sure exactly on my goal weight, but I think 3 stone is about right.  I made a bit of progress (~10lbs) with my weight in 2017, but I’d really like to keep going. I’m determined to feel less self-conscious on our wedding day and honeymoon!

Complete a 10K

I started running last year and actually sort of learned to enjoy it. I got very lazy and stopped towards the end of the year though, so I want to start back up again. This also ties in nicely with my weight loss goal.

Career change

I’m keeping this one very close to the chest for now because it’s all still very uncertain, but I’m hoping to be in a new field for 2019.

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