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February Wrap-Up


Indexing | Deathnote #10 | Into the Drowning Deep | Harry Potter & The Cursed Child | Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine | A Thousand Perfect Notes | Indulgence in Death | Renegades | The Blood of Olympus | Other Minds

Books read: 10
Pages read: 3397
Average pages per day: 121 (14 less than January)
Average book length: 340 pages (9 less than January)
Favourite: Into the Drowning Deep


Black Panther (twice)- I mean, the fact I saw it twice in one month probably tells you everything you need to know…
The Shape of Water –
Honestly, this was a bit strange. Visually beautiful, but I just felt like it was trying really hard to be clever and forgot to actually think about plot and characters – super predictable.
The Greatest Showman (again) –
This has seriously gone on to my list of favourite films ever.  I wanted to go to the sing-along but no one would go with me so I settled for seeing it again in the normal version!
The Maze Runner: Scorch trials (rewatch) –
I was kind of underwhelmed by this but we’re thinking of going to see the third one and couldn’t remember anything, so since this was on Netflix we thought it was worth a rewatch.

Altered Carbon (1 x 1-6) – It took me so long to get into this but it has picked up so we’ll get to the end in the next few days. Bit gruesome for me but I am starting to enjoy it more.
Manhunt: Unabomber (1 x 8) –
Fantastic acting and writing. A bit slow to start but completely addictive once you get started and caused some long, thoughtful discussions in my family at least.
Once Upon a Time (5 x 23 & 6 x 1) –
Honestly, I’m still hoping it’ll get good again but I’ve just found myself watching other things (pretty much any other things) over this…
Grey’s Anatomy (14 x 9) –
LOVE. I’m so glad this is back!
Steven Universe (1 x 1-4) –
This has been recommended to me a few times, and since I’ve finished Avatar, I was looking for something with short episodes to put back on my watch list. It’s so far a bit strange but I’ve promised to stick with it a bit longer, because I’m assured it gets awesome.
Grand Tour (2 x 1-6) –
This is one we’ve been watching in the evening, that everyone is happy enough to have on. It’s okay. Some funny bits, some eye-rolling bits.


I’ve been entirely absent this month, I’m sorry! I went for a promotion at work so I’ve been pretty much overwhelmed with preparing for that. Hoping for a better March!

NetGalley % change: -1% (73%)

Challenge Updates

Sci-fi vs Fantasy Bingo
It’s the End of the World As We Know It: Into the Drowning Deep
Alternate Reality: Renegades
Portal: Indexing
Epic:  The Blood of Olympus

Beat the Backlist (13/48)

Finishing the Series (2/15)

Goodreads (22/100)

Personal Goals

Lost 2.5lbs (6.5/ ~42)

How was your February?

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