#SeasonalSeries Readathon

I came across the Seasonal Series readathon on Twitter yesterday, and couldn’t resist joining in.  It’s a three-month long readathon running from March 20th to June 20th, and it’s all about trying to read books from series, which sounds pretty good to me! I’ll be doing the Spring board  – although I have to admit I liked the look of the winter board, it is technically spring here, so it just seemed sensible to use the spring board!

Spring Tasks & Possible TBR:

1. take a walk while listening to an audiobook
2. read a book while drinking lemonade
3. read the first book in a series – Wintersong
4. try to unhaul a book you’ve lost interest in
5. read a book that’s been on your shelves way too long – Seraphina
6. read with rain in the background -> real rain or sounds
7. read a book with pink on the cover – Beneath the sugar sky
8. read a book from a middle grade series – Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer
9. read a series with a new book coming out in 2018 – A Torch Against the Night
10. read a book of a series where the parents of the MC aren’t dead – The Darkest Minds
11. read a book with character growth
12. read a book while eating chocolate
13. Free Space: read any book of a series – A Court of Frost and Starlight
14. read a book where only the first book of a series is out – The Extinction Trials
15. read a book set in the real world – Ten Thousand Skies Above You
16. read a book with a spring colors on the cover – The Treatment (yellow)
17. finish a duology – Our Dark Duet
18. use a flower as a bookmark
19. read a book with great friendship – Six of Crows
20. read the last book in a series – Conqueror
21. read a book while sitting outside
22. read a book that is (partly) set in spring
23. read a book with green on the cover – Authority
24. read a book that includes an animal
25. read a book under 300 pages – Shadowsong

As you can see, I haven’t picked out a book for every task, and I doubt I’ll get through all the ones I’ve picked, but it’s fun to try and plot out.  I guess I’ll see how many points I end up with at the end!

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