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August Wrap-Up

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent for the last few months, but hopefully when you read about my August you’ll understand why!  While this whole year has been a bit manic (moving house + promotion), August was the busiest month so far: I got married, went on honeymoon and finished up at work ready to start a teacher training course in September. As a result, I’ve literally not even turned the PC on, let alone got any blogging done, but I did get a LOT of reading done – I tried to get ahead while I could before my course starts! I also took part in the NEWTs readathon and ended up with 3 Acceptables, 3 Exceeds Expectations and 3 Outstandings.


AtLA The Promise parts 2 & 3 | The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy | Fairy Tail 1 | Sleeping Giants | Nyxia | Throttle Me | Catwoman | Never Fade | The Goddess Test | The Goddess Inheritance | Goddess Interrupted | Archie | Ten Thousand Skies Above You | Nyxia Unleashed | The Confessions | Into the Wild | The Poison Study Short Story Collection

Books read: 18
Pages read: Not yet calculated
Average pages per day: Not yet calculated
Average book length: Not yet calculated
Favourite: Sleeping Giants & Nyxia/Nyxia Unleashed


Ant-man & The Wasp – I enjoyed this, but wasn’t wowed by it. It’s watchable and enjoyable though, and I much preferred the antagonist in this to the first antman.
Pacific Rim: Uprising – A flight watch, this was enjoyable but pretty forgettable I thought!
Pitch Perfect 3 – By far the weakest of the three, this was just a bit ridiculous to be honest. I did enjoy the music though.
Rampage – You get exactly what you expect: fairly ridiculous but very easy watching, had some funny moments.
Solo – I enjoyed this SO MUCH MORE than I expected to, and funnier than I expected.

Avatar The Last Airbender (2×18, Season 3) – A re-watch with my husband who’s never seen it.  Just as fun the second time around.
The Legend of Korra (1 x1-3) – This is new to both of us but we’re enjoying it so far. I like Korra but I have to admit I miss all the characters we grew to love in AtLA.



NetGalley % change: +/- 1% (72%)

Challenge Updates

Beat the Backlist (46/48) (+15)

Finishing the Series (7/15)

Goodreads (94/100)


How was your August?

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