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Looking Ahead: September 2018

What’s on in September?

This month I’m starting my teacher training course, which promises to be intense, challenging and exhausting but hopefully also inspiring, satisfying and rewarding. I’ve kept my TBR pile small and focused quite heavily on audiobooks as I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to read around placements and assignments – everyone keeps telling me I should basically give up on the idea of books/hobbies/any kind of social life until the end of the year but I’m determined not to! I got ahead on my Goodreads goal over the summer but haven’t raised it, which means if I can get 6 books finished before the end of the year I’ll hit my goal of 100. Anything beyond that would be a bonus!

September’s TBR list

Artemis (305) | Audible (started)
A short history of nearly everything (687) | Audible
The Island (304) | E-Arc
Waking Gods (336) | Library

Target pages = 1632

September Goals

  • -6lbs: Now that we’re back from our holiday, we’re back at WW for the first time in a long time and giving the Flex plan a try. Fingers crossed!
  • 4 blog posts – Honestly, I’ve no idea how plausible this is, all depends on the uni work – maybe I can post more, maybe even 4 is too many (although I hope not)
  • At least 1 cinema trip & 1 date evening – I want to try and make sure I force myself to take some down-time and relax, as everyone says work-life balance is crucial but also one of the hardest things for the teacher training course

What do you have planned for September?

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