Binge Watching: February 2019


So since my last update in October I’ve apparently watched about 4 days worth of TV & films…. And yet on my progress page I’m at exactly the same percentage and 24 hours extra watch time left because I added more stuff to my watchlist. I think I might be doing this wrong? Haha.

What I’ve Been Watching

The Dragon Prince
In six words or less: animated show about last dragon egg

Why I’m watching it: This is written by one of the writers of Avatar (which we loved) so we started watching it after finishing Legends of Korra. I’d just finished Season 1 as of the last update.

Where I’ve got to so far: Since it came out just after Valentine’s Day we’ve watched the first six episodes, just a few more left!

Sex Education
In six words or less: Teen offers sex therapy at school

Why I’m watching it: I had an unexciting afternoon of tidying and washing up and wanted something I could stick on in the background. It needed to be something I wouldn’t get totally confused by if I ran some laundry upstairs but also ideally something a bit lighthearted and fun. I saw loads of people talking on Twitter so decided to give it a go.

Where I’ve got to so far: I watched the first half of the season on that tidying day and the rest over the next few days – I’m all up to date!

Russian Doll
In six words or less: NY woman keeps dying on repeat.

Why I’m watching it: So much Twitter hype!

Where I’ve got to so far: We watched the whole season in 24 hours over half-term.

In six words or less: Small town, big secrets, teen detectives.

Why I’m watching it: I re-watched Season 1 and 2 with my husband (who hadn’t seen it before) and remembered how much I loved it, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting each new episode.

Where I’ve got to so far: Up to date and awaiting the next episode impatiently.

In six words or less: superpowered teens caught up in prophecy

Why I’m watching it: Basically because I can’t resist a super hero show. The first few episodes were enjoyable enough but I haven’t fallen head over heels for it.

Where I’ve got to so far: Finished season 1 and up to date!



Total watch time so far:

TV: 92 days, 19 hours, 3 minutes
Film: 4 days, 7 hours, 14 minutes

Watch list Percentage: 70%

Remaining watch list time: 15 days, 18 hours, 51 minutes


What’s up next?

I’m watching Riverdale and The Grand Tour with my husband, and Grey’s and How to Get Away with Murder on my own. None of those have many episodes to watch though so I could do with adding some more shows into the mix and not sure what to pick!

Would love your thoughts on the following or any alternative suggestions:

  • Peaky Blinders (but I’m squeamish?)
  • Vikings
  • Supernatural (but there’s so much!)
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Dirty John
  • You
  • 13 reasons why
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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