April is all about the readathons!

April is apparently readathon central and I cannot wait.  I’ll be joining in with 2 readathons this month so I’ve been plotting out my reading material, though knowing me I’m likely to veer wildly from the plan anyway.  The OWLs readathon is 100% my main focus for the month, but any review copies I can get read for ARC attack are a bonus.

The Magical Readathon

My blogging and reading mojo have been sadly stifled since starting the teacher training course in September, but I LOVE a good readathon and I’m really excited to be joining in with, and blogging about, the OWLs readathon again.  The idea was started by Book Roast who is a YouTuber, and the aim is to read books which fit certain criteria for Hogwarts subjects. Subjects you pass can then be continued at N.E.W.T. level later on.

I took part last year and really enjoyed just getting as many as possible, but this year there’s an added dimension: completing the OWLs for a particular Wizarding career. I debated for ages about which to go for but I love the idea of being a Magizoologist, and given that my background before teaching is in animals, I figure that’s a good role to aim for!  I’ll be working through the OWLs required for that first (Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology & Potions) and then seeing how many more I can get after that. After all, there’s no reason I can’t change my mind at NEWTs level if I get all the required OWLs right?! Plus of course, next year I can go for something different too – maybe eventually I’ll be able to tick them all off…

Planned TBR

This is very likely to change because I’m such a mood reader but right now my plans are…

For Magizoologist:

If I get chance:

ARC Attack

You might have noticed that a few of the books above have asterisks after them – those are the ARCs and review copies I’m hoping to read as part of Vicky’s #ARCAttack – a readathon focused on reading the ARCs you’ve got on your shelves/e-reader! I don’t have a particular TBR for this other than those above (Little Darlings, The Pioneer, Sherwood, A Conspiracy of Stars & Of Ice and Shadows) but if I have any extra time this month I’ll be trying to work as many ARCs in as I can.

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