Stacking the shelves

Weekly Wrap-Up

My week

This week was the last week of term, and I’m very excited about the Easter holidays! I have a tonne of work to do but I can at least do it at home, on my own hours and with a stash of snacks.  This weekend I took part in Dewey’s 24 hour readathon and ended on a total of 812 pages – all of Muse of Nightmares and 290 pages of Illuminae. I haven’t finished Illuminae yet but when I do both books will count towards the OWLs readathon I’m joining in with. So far I’ve finished Vox for Charms and Muse of Nightmares for Transfiguration.

The Books

Read: Muse of Nightmares & Vox
Currently reading: Illuminae
Incoming: One Word Kill

TV & Films

This week I’ve started my Game of Thrones rewatch, ready for Season 8. I’ve started with season 6, and just watched the first couple of episodes so far. Other than that, I think all I’ve watched is the last few episodes of The Umbrella Academy.

Blog posts & fanfiction

No blog posts this week, but I’m hoping to squeeze in some writing and scheduling over Easter around the uni work. The fact I have a laptop again should hopefully help! In terms of fanfiction, this is a new addition to the blog – I love reading  and occasionally even writing it, but I just haven’t had a chance recently. I’m planning to work it into my rcaps on the occasion I’ve got anything to add.  So far this week I’ve just spent a bit of time on the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges board looking for challenges to get signed up for (because, you know, I have plenty of free time and not enough stuff to do…)

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