WWW: 18/4/19

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Recently Finished

I’ve been on school holidays this week and despite having lots of lesson planning to do, I’ve managed to get way more reading done than I would normally which has been lovely! This week I finished three books (!), Sherwood, The War of the Worlds and Rebel.  Sherwood was my latest audiobook selection, and I think it suffered for the fact I was feeling indecisive when I picked it – it was okay, but probably not what I was in the mood for.  The War of the Worlds was part of the H.G. Wells collection that audible have been advertising so much recently and I thought for sure it’d be a hit – sci-fi + celebrity narrators? Wow was I wrong! Just too-old fashioned for me.  Thankfully, Rebel was a great read! I loved the first two Extinction Trials books and am pleased to say Rebel lived up to my hopes: I flew through it and was hooked from the beginning.

Currently Reading

I’ve just started The Disasters by M.K. England for my latest audiobook read, which I’m really enjoying so far. That’s actually the only book I have on the go right now, since I just finished Rebel and haven’t yet picked up another physical or ebook.  I should hopefully be able to get The Disasters finished by the end of the week thanks to commuting time.

Up next

The Disasters will count towards my Divination OWL but I’m woefully behind on my career choice OWLs, having only finished 1 of the 4! I’ve ordered a copy of Nyxia Uprising which is due to arrive on Monday so I’ll start that for my Potions OWL, and I’m hoping to get The Slow Regard of Silent Things read between now and then since it’s so short (and it’ll count towards my Herbology OWL). That just leaves me with Care of Magical Creatures left to complete for the end of the month for my career choice of Magizoologist which seems a lot more on track! If you have any recommendations for books with ‘a land animal on the cover’ please feel free to send them my way!

2 thoughts on “WWW: 18/4/19

  1. I’ve read Meagan Spooners Hunted and I enjoyed it, but I found the ending to be a bit underwhelming. The narrators really make or break a story. I haven’t had many bad experiences with audiobooks, but I did DNF The Dream Thieves by Magie Stiefvater one (and later the book as well because I really couldn’t into it).
    I’m always a bit scared of reading classics because I’m a non-native English reader :-s
    I’ve been meaning to pick up The Name of the Wind but I’m a bit hesitant because there’s no release date for the final one yet :-s
    Good luck with the lesson planning!!

    1. The narrators can absolutely make or break the audiobook, that’s so true. When I first got into audiobooks I would stick pretty much exclusively with my favourite narrators (James Marsters, Wil Wheaton, Luke Daniels etc). I’ve got a bit more adventurous since but will always go back to my favourites if I’m stuck! I haven’t read many classics but I have to say War of The Worlds isn’t one I could really recommend haha. The Name of the Wind is very good but it’s also definitely a Game of Thrones type situation that we have no idea how long until the next book arrives 🙁

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