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April Wrap-Up

Wow I have sucked at doing wrap up posts this year.  I spent some time this morning tidying up my goodreads and filling in all my reading into my 2019 spreadsheet so hopefully I’m back on track.  April was a great month for me because we had the Easter holidays, and although I had absolutely loads of work to do, I managed to find a really good balance of productive and reading, so I read 11 books this month which was great. Taking part in the Magical Readathon definitely helped – I didn’t quite get an O, finishing 11 out of 12 titles, but it was great fun.


Vox | Muse of Nightmares | Illuminae | Me Before You | Rebel | The War of The Worlds | Sherwood | The Slow Regard of Silent Things | Zodiac Starforce Volume 1 | The Disasters | Labrador

Books read: 11
Pages read: 3964
Average pages per day: 132
Average book length: 360
Favourite(s): Muse of Nightmares & Rebel



Other posts:


Nyxia Uprising (368) | Purchased
The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Harcastle (528) | Audible
Run Mummy Run (311) | Scribd
Congo (370) | Scribd
Attack on Titan 2 (200) | Kindle Unlimited

Target pages = 1777

May Goals

  • Being healthier
    • Get to at least C25K week 3 (I don’t want to say do the full four weeks in case I have to repeat some days)
    • Exercise 8 times
    • Lose 4 lbs
  • Work/Life Balance
    • Submit assignment at least 24 hours before deadline
    • See 2 films at the cinema (Detective Pikachu and Aladdin for sure, though maybe also Godzilla & High Life)
  • Blogging
    • Post 8 blog posts
    • Schedule 3 posts for June
  • Finance
    • Investigate going ‘full Monzo’ (potential blog post soon but I am absolutely loving Monzo so far)

How was your April?

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