WWW: 22/5/19

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Recently Finished

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks because I’ve been doing so little reading now that I’m back at work, but I finally finished a few things! I’ve been listening to A Feast For Crows on my commute and it’s been such fun getting stuck back into the books and all the details that never made it into the show and that I’d forgotten about.  Before that I finished Run Mummy Run, because I’ve started parkrun and need some motivation and inspiration because at the minute I’m having to walk pretty much all of it!

Currently Reading

I’m about a third of the way through Nyxia Uprising and Throne of Glass, but just haven’t had chance to pick a book up in days so no real progress on either of those! Hopefully I can finish one or the other before next week’s update thanks to half-term!

Up next

I’m thinking of starting We Set The Dark on Fire as my next audiobook but I’m not honestly sure. It’s on Scribd so it doesn’t co-operate as well on my car phone as if I buy something on audible, but I’m also not sure what I’m in the mood for and this sounds intriguing!

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