WWW: 29/5/19

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Recently Finished

Two WWW posts in a row? I know, I’m surprised too! I finally finished Throne of Glass this week, and I’m now debating whether to keep re-reading the rest of the series or jump ahead to Kingdom of Ash – at the minute I’m leaning towards jumping ahead because while I loved re-reading Throne of Glass I also know re-reading them all is likely to be frustratingly slow and I’ll get fed up so it then runs the risk of feeling like work!  I also came to the end of a couple of audiobooks this week, Alter, which was okay but somehow not really what I expected and Out of the Wreckage which was an interesting read outside of my usual choices!

Currently Reading

I started Binti as my newest audiobook, because it’s something short I can get finished before the end of the month and then hopefully start June with a new audiobook for the Bibliogames (post to follow on that!). Now that I’ve finished Throne of Glass I’ll be picking Nyxia Uprising back up and trying to get it finished before the end of the month (plausible only because it’s half term!)

Up next

I‘m not sure! I’ll be joining in with The Bibliogames so that will impact my reading choices (and I’ll be sharing my TBR for them in the next day or so) but I suspect Kingdom of Ash and Daisy Jones and The Six will be next up.

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