June 2019: mid-month readathon check in

June 1st: Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

Total pages: 112
Bibliogames: Gym (format you don’t usually read)
A Game of Booksathon: Tyrell (green cover)
Simsathon: Choose a Household (read a book from late in a series) – 5 points



June 5th: Red, White & Royal Blue

Total pages: 432
Bibliogames: None
A Game of Booksathon: Baratheon (Book with royalty)
Simsathon: Buy a house (set in our world) – 3 points



June 6th: Daisy Jones & The Six

Total pages: 368
Bibliogames: World Domination (buddy read)
A Game of Booksathon: Stark (Family dynamic/siblings)
Simsathon: Get a job, business (number in the title) – 5 points



June 7th: Nyxia Uprising

Total pages: 300 (actually 368 but read 68 at the end of May)
Bibliogames: Mad Science (sci-fi)
A Game of Booksathon: A Clash of Kings (Sequel)
Simsathon: Get married (book with established couple) – 5 points



June 14th: Kingdom of Ash

Total pages: 992
Bibliogames: Lunch (satisfying ending)
A Game of Booksathon: House Targaryen (mythical creature or dragons)
Simsathon: Reach the top of your career track (finale) – 5 points


Total books read: 5
Total pages read: 2204
Bibliogames challenges complete: 4
A Game of Booksathon Challenges complete: 5
Simsathon Challenges complete: 5
Simsathon points: 22

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