WWW: 26/06/19

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Recently Finished

Where the heck has the time gone – how has it been 6 weeks since my last WWW?! Well, I mean in fairness, I know where it went: I’ve finally finished up my PGCE, and am now officially a biology teacher! The last 9 months have been an absolute emotional roller coaster and I almost can’t believe it’s finally done! I had a few days off between ending the course and starting my job so I’ve thrown myself into a bit of reading and have just finished my goodreads challenge of 52 books and am trying to decide what to increase it to! My timetable will get busier now I’m qualified but the uni assignment parts are finished and it’ll soon be summer, so I’m excited to have a summer full of reading.

Currently Reading

I’ve been reading a real mix of genres recently and am continuing that trend by picking up a crime book for the first time in ages! I like the J.D. Robb books, but I find they can get a bit repetitive, so I tend to burn through a few and then not read any for a long time, but I somehow missed one out in the middle of the series and it was available through the library so I figured now was as good a time as any.  I’m still burning through audiobooks thanks to my commute, and my latest read is We Set The Dark on Fire since I’ve heard great things about it and it was available on Scribd.

Up next

I’m watching Big Little Lies at the moment which reminds me how much I loved the book, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll pick Nine Perfect Strangers as my next audiobook title. I’m really enjoying my venture back into the J.D. Robb series and the library has the next one I need too so that might be my next paperback choice, but honestly, who knows?!

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