WWW: 17/07/19

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Recently Finished

It feels like I haven’t finished much recently, and then this week I’ve suddenly finished three books! Here Lies Daniel Tate is one of the free reads on Riveted this month, and I started it not really sure what to expect. I ended up loving it and stayed up entirely too late on a school night reading it this week because it was super addictive (though I thought the ending was a bit unsatisfying).  I picked up The Song of Achilles in an audible sale recently, as everyone says how much they loved it, and flew through it really quickly, going for extra walks etc just to listen a bit more!  That put me into a bit of a historical mood so I followed it up with Heroes.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as Mythos but it was enjoyable enough, and very easy listening.

Currently Reading

Treachery in Death was the second J. D. Robb book I picked up at the library recently, and I’m slowly chipping away at that. I know exactly what I’m going to get with a J.D. Robb and at the moment I’m really enjoying it.  I really couldn’t decide what to listen to next on my commute so I went browsing through the (rather limited) library catalogue, and found After You was available: since I ended up enjoying Me Before You so much more than I expected I borrowed it straight away and started it this morning.

Up next

I have no idea! I go on holiday next week, so I’ll hopefully have an update up this time next week saying I’ve finished these, but I’m not sure what I fancy for my holiday choices. I really like going away with fresh holiday books, that I won’t start until I’m at the airport at the earliest, so I’ll be trying to finish up these two, and then deciding from there whether I have time to squeeze anything else in before holiday.  I’ve got some amazing titles on my shelves that I’m toying between for holiday, but I haven’t yet decided, and of course there’s the age old battle between having enough reading material without filling my luggage, so I’ll be looking for options on my kindle too. At the moment I’m thinking maybe Only Human and The Kingdom but we’ll see what I fancy at the time!

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