WWW: 21/08/19

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Recently Finished

Even though I’ve been off work this week, I haven’t actually finished that much more than usual! I finished Crazy Rich Asians and although I really enjoyed it, this is one of the few times I picked up the book after seeing the film, and it’ll be nice to pick up the later books in the series where I have less of an idea of what to expect! I picked up Saga volume 6 one night when I needed a break from my current huge titles, and didn’t have too long to read. I really like this series, though I have to admit it is a bit weird – not one I’d be very comfortable reading in a coffee shop…

Currently Reading

I’m reading two BIG titles at the same time right now, The Dragon Republic, sequel to the fantastic The Poppy War and Dark Age, the latest in one of my favourite series, Red Rising. I have high expectations for both, and I’m struggling to choose which to read a lot of the time, because I love both series and desperately want to know what happens next in both worlds! Hopefully I’ll have made some progress on one or both of these by next week, although I also know when I get near the end I won’t want it to be over.  I’m also still re-reading Northern Lights on audio, which I’ll hopefully finish this week.

Up next

I’m taking part in Bout of Books this week, and so have stocked up on plenty of short books to intersperse with my two big books throughout the week.  I’ll probably pick up Saga volume 7 first.  I’m not sure what my next audiobook will be, but it may well be the next Philip Pullman – it’s nice when reading older series to be able to binge through them in a row!



What the planner looks like this week:


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