Readathon announcement: The Sims-a-thon Round #2 (October 1st-31st)

The Sims-a-thon is a readathon themed all around – as I’m sure you can guess – The Sims. Kara came up with the idea and ran the first round in June this year, and it was so much fun, so when she put out a call looking for co-hosts for a second round, I absolutely jumped at the chance! We’ve got a big, awesome team of co-hosts this time around, who’ll be running sprints on the offical twitter account, helping to run the instagram challenge, and generally be cheering on everyone who joins in.


If you missed the first round, the basic gist is this: there are a series of reading prompts based on The Sims 4, you choose the path to start your Sim on, and then you work through any live mode prompts you fancy. For every prompt you complete, you get points!
The paths you can choose from to get started on your Sims-A-Thon readathon!
See how one of those prompts is change your career? There are a whole bunch of career options your sims can choose from, and what’s great about that, is that it gives you a whole bunch more prompts to read from.  Your sim can change a career as many times as you like, and you can keep earning points each time.


Sims-A-Thon career prompts

The Sims-A-Thon is especially great for mood readers, because once you’ve read your first two books, you can move into live mode and work through any prompts you like, in any order, so you don’t have to plan out your TBR in advance (though of course you can!). If you plan out a month of spooky halloween reads and then decide that you’re in the mood for fairytale retellings instead, it won’t matter at all, because there are SO MANY prompts to choose from you’ll be able to fit your books in somewhere. I go through phases of reading nothing but fantasy for a few weeks, or being obsessed with crime novels, and a lot of readathons will only give you one or two prompts for the same genre, which is really frustrating.  For the Sims-A-Thon you can repeat a prompt as many times as you like, as long as you read a new book each time, so you could spend the whole month Woohoo-ing (reading smutty books) and every single one will earn you points, it isn’t a case of having ticked off a prompt and being forced to switch genres to get more points.

New for this round:

We’ve got a few new additions for round two, which means even more prompts and ways to join in!  For each round, we’ll be adding a new expansion pack, so this time around we’re adding Outdoor Retreat, which gives you a whole bunch more prompts to choose from.  We’ll also be hosting an instagram challenge which you can join in with whether or not you’re also joining in with the rest of the readathon.  There’s also a new bonus rule for anyone who took part in round 1: for every 10 points you accumulated last round, you can make a single challenge prompt worth double points in this round.  Want to finish all those series on your TBR? Pick ‘Reach the top of your career track’ and earn 10 points for reading a finale.  Looking forward to binging a bunch of short books, manga and graphic novels? Choose ‘Eat a cookie’ and earn 2 points for a book under 200 pages.  Whatever floats your boat, use it!

Simsathon Outdoor Retreat Challenges

Meet the team:

Helping Kara (Youtube, Twitter) this time around we’ve got:

TL;DR (Just Give me the Rules!)


  1. You need to read one book per challenge.
  2. You can do a challenge more than once, you just need to read different books each time.
  3. You can’t double up on a challenge – one book only completes one prompt
  4. Interpret the prompts how you see fit
  5. For every challenge prompt completed, you get the indicated number of points.
  6. MOTHERLODE: for every 10 points you accumulated last round, you can make a single challenge prompt worth double points in this round.
  7. Instagram challenges will be happening throughout the month and will be announced on both the official twitter and instagram accounts – this is entirely optional, and can be done whether or not you’re reading!


Look out for a rough TBR post from me nearer the end of September, and I hope you decide to join us!

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