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September Recap


These Rebel Waves | The Conscious Closet | Sorcery of Thorns | These Divided Shores | Sea Witch | Extraordinary Insects | Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life | We should all be feminists

Books read: 8 (2 more than August)
Pages read: 2860 (626 more than August)
Average pages per day: 95 (23 more than August)
Average book length: 356 (16 less than August)
Favourite(s): Sorcery of Thorns & Sea Witch



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August Goals

  • Being healthier

    • Track food every day in September  – SUCCESS
    • Lose 4 lbs – SUCCESS
  • Work/Life Balance

    • See 2 films at the cinema – FAIL
    • Exercise 6 times – SUCCESS

Looking Ahead

October TBR

I don’t have a set-in-stone TBR for October but I will be taking part/co-hosting the Sims-A-Thon, so I’ve outlined some ideas for that.

October Goals

  • Being healthy
    • Lose 4 lbs – I lost 5.5lbs in September and would love to keep that trend up. I’ve lost 9.5lbs so far, but have somewhere around 70-75 to lose to get to the middle of my healthy BMI range so still plenty to go.
    • Karate – 6 times
    • Track food every day
  • Work/Life balance
    • Work less than 220 hours – At the minute I’m doing about 55 hours in school, plus more planning and marking at the weekends, and I know I can’t keep that up forever. My aim in October is to do less than that!
    • Watch 3 films
    • Spend 2 evenings with friends
  • Reading, blogging & creativity
    • Draw out all October bullet journal spreads
    • …and then actually use them!
    • Blog 8 times
    • Post on my bookstagram 4 times
    • Share updates for the Sims-A-Thon on Twitter & at least a recap on the blog

How was your September?

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