Binge Watching: Summer watching

I did a lot of watching over the summer, so rather than one giant binge watching post I’ve split it into two parts: first, today, what I’ve been watching recently. Part two, tomorrow, will be all about changes to my watchlist and what I’m hoping to watch in October.

Once Upon A Time


In six words or less: Fairytale characters in the real world.

Why I’m watching it: I had some time off over summer to make a bit of a dent in my personal watchlist, and I figured I’m so close to the end I might as well just finish it!

Current feelings: Honestly, I’m still underwhelmed. I miss the awesome first few seasons!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

In six words or less: Cops, humour, relationships & silly pranks

Why I’m watching it: We were looking for a short show to replace Attack on Titan now we’re up to date with that, and we wanted something light.

Current feelings: It’s just light hearted fun, and the perfect length to squeeze an episode or two in on a work night.

Queer Eye


In six words or less: Fab five help people improve life.

Why I’m watching it: I’d heard SO many good things and we were looking for something new to watch. We watched one episode and were totally hooked.

Current feelings: LOVE. A new favourite for sure. It manages to often make me cry but also it’s just an amazingly uplifting, feel good show.

How to Get Away with Murder


In six words or less: Legally questionable actions by law students.

Why I’m watching it: I had access to Now TV for a little while over the summer which gave me access to the next episodes I needed to watch!

Current feelings: The twisted mystery is addictive but I feel like it’s just gone on a bit too long.

Handmaid’s Tale

In six words or less: Dystopian future where women are powerless

Why I’m watching it: Another one I’d heard great things about and which I was able to watch with the Now TV access over the summer.

Current feelings: Addicted and frustrated I don’t have access to season 3!

Yuri on Ice


In six words or less: Figure skating rivalry

Why I’m watching it: I love a good anime, and managed to squeeze this in on Funimation before my trial ended.

Current feelings: LOVE! Can’t wait for more to eventually be released.


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