WWW: 16/10/19

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Recently Finished

Not much finished for me this week, but I did read and really enjoy There is No Planet B which tries to actually calculate the impacts of various actions we could take to try and prevent climate change, and put into real terms what we can do as individuals. I loved that it didn’t just say ‘well, give up plastic straws and everything will be fixed’ and while the truth can be hard to face, I think it’s a brilliant, clear read.  Last week I finished Awakened which was an easy, enjoyably spooky read.

Currently Reading

Unbelievably, I’m STILL reading Dark Age – I just haven’t got far enough to get hooked, and between school work and running, I just haven’t really had chance! I also started The Rise of Kyoshi but I haven’t had any more chance to pick that up than Dark Age sadly. Looking forward to half term! In terms of audiobooks, Bird Box is my latest commute listen and I have to admit I’m finding it pretty spooky so far!

Up next

I’m honestly not sure! I’ve picked up a few books from the library that I’m really excited for, particularly A Spark of Light but I won’t be picking those up until I’ve made a dent in either Rise of Kyoshi or Dark Age, and by the time I’ve done that I might be in the mood for something totally different!


What are you reading this week?

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