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October Recap

This month seems to have gone by SO fast!  I haven’t been very present online, or doing much blogging, but I really loved co-hosting and taking part in Simsathon and it has absolutely helped with my reading – despite school being as manic as ever, I read pretty much twice as many pages in October as I did in September.  I’m on half-term right now so that helped me squeeze a little bit more reading in and has been good for both catching up on life admin (laundry, tidying etc) and recharging my batteries a little too. We’ve been living the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto pretty well this month I think, so I’ve been leaving work a little earlier, doing maybe 50 hours a week instead of 60 last month, but also I’ve been running, going to Karate, went to see The Joker, and have had a few board games evenings.  All in all a great month, if a little knackering!  I’m spending this afternoon planning out my November TBR, doing a little bit of blogging and bookstagramming so here’s to hoping for a few more blog posts in November.


Sea Witch Rising | There is No Planet B | The Fireman | Monstress v2 | The Radium Girls | Tricks | Awakened | Bird Box | The Book of Dust | The Secret Commonwealth | Polgara the Sorceress | Ink

Books read: 12 (4 more than September)
Pages read: 5730 (2870 more than September)
Average pages per day: 191 (96 more than September)
Average book length: 477 (125 more than September)
Favourite(s): There is No Planet B & Polgara the Sorceress



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October Goals

  • Being healthy
    • Lose 4 lbs – Not quite, lost 3lbs
    • Karate 6 times – SUCCESS
    • Track food every day – FAIL!
  • Work/Life balance
    • Work less than 220 hours – SUCCESS!
    • Watch 3 films – FAIL, all I saw was the Joker!
    • Spend 2 evenings with friends – SUCCESS. We had a few board game evenings and it was lovely.

How was your October?

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