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Quick reads to help smash your GR goal before 2019 ends!

Sci Fi

Nightflyers, George R.R. Martin (208 pages)
Binti, Nnedi Okorafor (96 pages)
Annihilation, Jeff Vandermeer (208 pages)
To be taught if fortunate,

I didn’t honestly love Annihilation, but I know lots of other people did, and it’s a quick and short read.  Nightflyers is a kind of murder-mystery-horror on a spaceship, where you’re never quite sure what’s going on, but you’ll be desperate to know.  Binti and To Be Taught if Fortunate both follow a journey on a spaceship, though they have a very different feel, with To Be Taught if Fortunate a much more quiet and gentle ride.

Fiction & Fantasy

My Sister the Serial Killer, Oyinkan Braithwaite (240 pages)
Every Heart a Doorway, Seanan McGuire (176 pages)
The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Patrick Rothfuss (176 pages)

My Sister the Serial Killer is exactly what it sounds like – it follows a young woman who is left to deal with the mess caused by her sister’s temper! It’s a really unusual, interesting story which fully deserved it’s shortlist spot on the GR Choice awards this year.  Every Heart a Doorway is the story of a girl who finds a door to another world but then gets stuck back in our own, and a murder mystery at the school she gets sent to, which is full of other kids like her, who just want to go back to the other worlds they discovered.  The Slow Regard of Silent things is a companion novel to Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller chronicles, and it’s a fairly gentle story of an unusual young girl who no one really notices.

Short & Sexy

Wicked Sexy, R.G. Alexander (76 pages)
Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Lisa Renee Jones (40 pages for v1, or 240 pages for all 5 volumes)
The Headmaster, Tiffany Reisz (135 pages)

I used to read a lot of these types of books for review when I first started blogging, and there are always tonnes available on kindle unlimited.  Tiffany Reisz is great, so I’d generally recommend anything of hers, but these are just a few really short, steamy novellas I’ve enjoyed at one point or another!


The Secret Life of Cows, Rosamund Young (160 pages)
No One is Too Small to Make a difference, Greta Thunberg (80 pages)
The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, Jean-Dominique Bauby (160 pages)

The Secret Life of Cows is genuinely about various cows living on a farm, but it’s just a pleasant, heart-warming piece of non-fiction that won’t take you very long to get through, and which I was pleasantly surprised by! Greta Thunberg’s book is one that you will have heard loads about this year, and one I haven’t read yet but which I’ve just bought a copy of.  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is also on my TBR, but it’s about a man with locked-in syndrome, and which was dictated using his left eyelid – his only functioning muscle.

The graphic novels

I love graphic novels, and apparently specifically sci-fi ones, so of course a few were going to feature on this list! Noelle Stevenson is great, and I loved Nimona so when a friend recommended Paper Girls, also by Stevenson, I knew I had to pick that up too. Nimona takes the typical good guy vs villain tropes and has lots of fun with it, and Paper Girls has a sort of Stranger Things-esque vibe.  Fence I think is perfect if you liked watching Yuri on Ice and are looking for something with a sort of similar feel – it’s about competitive fencing, and the competitions to get into the team, and the relationships between the competitors.  Saga is a much more adult graphic novel (in case the cover didn’t give that hint) basically about star-crossed lovers in a wartorn Galaxy. Think maybe Guardians of The Galaxy but with an 18+ rating.

The manga

When it comes to manga, I’ll often pick something up for an anime I’ve already seen – both Attack on Titan and Cardcaptor Sakura are shows I’ve seen, so I’m already invested in the characters and plotlines. Deathnote I hadn’t seen, deliberately, and I FINALLY got around to starting in 2017. It’s as twisted and addictive as everyone says!  I’d love more manga recommendations – any suggestions?!

I’ve officially hit my goodreads goal, but I’d love to squeeze some more titles in before the end of the year – any short reads you’d recommend? Any graphic novels or manga you love?


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