20 goals for 2020

I love a new year; the start for a fresh chance, all that motivation, everyone so determined to get stuff done and be productive. I’m trying something totally different this year, inspired by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, and setting myself 20 goals for 2020.


Read slightly fewer books!

I’ve set my goodreads challenge to it’s lowest ever for 2020: 52 books. I get totally torn because at the beginning and end of the year I get into super “read all the books!” mode, and yet when I was trying to fill out Jamie’s End of Year survey it became clear that some of the books I read in 2019 have merged together, and I think that’s from squeezing in books at every spare second, and sometimes rushing through. My aim in 2020 is to savour more and rush less!

Catch up with/finish more series/read more sequels

In 2019, just over a third of my reads were sequels, the rest were either standalones or new series.  That’s not bad, but I’ve got at least 50 series on the go right now, and I’d like to catch up or finish some of those!  In terms of quantifying that, my aim is to increase the percentage of sequels from a third to more like half my reads for 2020.

Read more review copies

I don’t have too many upcoming outstanding review copies, but I do still have quite a lot of backlist titles that I’d like to catch up on!

Read two books (or more!) from my TBR for every one I buy

I’m starting 2020 with 113 books on my physical TBR. That’s not too bad, but I’d like to not go into 2021 with the same 113, so I’m going to try and read two (or more) books from my physical TBR before I buy one. Alternatively, I could unhaul books at the same ratio if I’m sure I won’t want to read them later.

Pay £2 into my new book fund every time I finish a book

Every time I finished a book in 2019, my Monzo account automatically moved £1.50 into a pot called ‘new book fund’ which was supposed to create book spending money. The drawback is that at the end of the month when I was skint, that money frequently got moved back to be spent on things like petrol.  As I’m reading fewer books in 2020, I’ve upped the amount to £2, and I can ONLY spend that money on books


Review everything I read

This ties in a bit to my goal to read fewer books and savour them a bit more, plus it’ll help with my goals to blog more regularly so it’s a double win!

Get my NetGalley ratio to 85%

I did really well at getting my NetGalley ratio up, but it’s slipped back down to 71%. My aim is to get it to 85% at least once, and then if I have a bit of a requesting spree it might still be above 80%!

Bookstagram more

I started using bookstagram in 2019 and I love it, but I’m not very good at making time for it! I’d like to post a bit more regularly in 2020.

Blog more regularly & branch out more!

I’m aiming for 2 posts a week in 2020, with at least one of those being a review. I want to keep up with the variation in topics I started adding in 2019 though; while GeekyZooGirl is, and always will be, primarily a book blog, that doesn’t mean I want to post only about books all the time.  In 2019 I posted about running, bullet journalling & tv – in 2020 I’d like to keep up with that and maybe a bit more too!

Health & Finance


I’ll post a little bit later in the month about why I’m joining in with Vegnuary and what I’m hoping to get out of it, but the short version is I’m going to give it a go, despite not even being a vegetarian right now. I’m not sure whether I’ll have a perfect month but I’m going to do my best!

Lose three stone

I’ve lost just over a stone so far (or at least had, pre-Christmas!) but I’d like to get into a healthy weight range for my height, which is still about another three stone away.

Complete C25K

Since posting ambitiously about a new exciting London Marathon training feature, you may have noticed everything has been suspiciously quiet! I ended up injured very shortly after posting (not running related!) so couldn’t train, and intended to defer until 2021.  For various health related reasons I can’t talk about just yet, I don’t think the marathon is going to be an option, even deferred, but I am going to start running and training just in case!

Pay off at least two credit cards

This one is pretty self-explanatory really!

Use the library more

Our library has recently re-opened after refurbishment so I’d like to use it more, and hopefully get through some of those backlist sequels whilst also saving a little bit of money.

Personal & fun stuff

Visit a country I’ve never been to

My husband and I LOVE travel but we’re trying to also be responsible in terms of money, so I’m setting a slightly vague goal to visit a country I’ve never been to, as that could be a city break or a longer holiday depending on finances.

Create more of a routine

Since starting teaching I have a long commute and often stay at work late, which means my routine all too often involves work, sleep, and repeat during the week, then frantically catch up on everything over the weekend. I want to balance things like blogging, hobbies, and seeing my husband a bit better alongside work, but I think for that to work I need some sort of routine in place.

Finish Pokemon Sword

I’ve been loving playing Pokemon Sword over the Christmas break, but I know that once I’m back at work it’s easy for games to get pushed to one side for months and then abandoned altogether!

Try Disneybounding/an outfit inspired by Disney characters

I loved reading CollegeFashion’s series on outfits inspired by Disney characters way back when I was at uni, but I’ve always put it off, using everything from weight to my budget to not being creative enough as an excuse. At some point in 2020 I’m going to shake off the fear and give it a try!

Start & finish at least 1 writing project

I LOVE to write, but I need to make time for it, and I also need to learn to finish a project, not just start them! Whether it’s a short story or something longer, the aim in 2020 is to start and finish SOMETHING. Fantasy, sci-fi, retelling, who knows? And maybe I’ll blog about it? We’ll see!

Complete Seneca courses

Even though I’m now qualified as a science teacher, I’m still working on my subject knowledge, and it’s probably the thing that causes me the most anxiousness at work. I discovered Seneca when I was looking for a free way to work on my knowledge, and have started a few different courses. I’d like to finish at least the first year of the A-level Biology course, but ideally all of it and all three of the science GCSE courses too.

What are your 2020 goals?

1 thought on “20 goals for 2020

  1. I loved reading about your goals, it really made me want to try to set ones for mysef too!
    I love the idea of reading less books in order to remember them better, and the book fund seems like a great idea!
    Good luck with all of your goals in 2020 😊

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