January Wrap-Up


My Heart & Other Black Holes | Broken Things | The Never Tilting World | Cilka’s Journey | Karamo | Over the Top | Gemina | Obsidio | The Cruel Prince | The Wicked King

Books read: 10
Pages read: 4260
Average pages per day: 137
Average book length: 426
Favourite(s): The Cruel Prince/The Wicked King

Reading challenge progress

Audiobook challenge: +7 (Cilka’s Journey, Karamo, Over the Top, Gemina, Obsidio, The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King)
Total so far: 7/30

ARC Apocalypse +3 (The Never Tilting World, My Heart & Other Black Holes, Broken Things)
Total so far: 3/?

Beat The Backlist +10
Total so far: 10/?

Start On Your Shelfathon +6
Total so far: 6/?



Other posts:

January Goals

So I didn’t actually set any specific goals for January, but I’m pretty pleased with how the month went anyway…

  • Veganuary/Food/health
    • 31 days without any animal products – SUCCESS!
    • Exercise 8 times – SUCCESS.
      • Went running twice and went to karate 7 times.
    • Lose Christmas weight – SUCCESS.
      • I put on 4lbs over Christmas, after successfully (though slowly) losing weight between September and Christmas. In January I lost 4.5lbs so just about back to where I was before Christmas.
  • Reading and blogging
    • Read 4+ books – SUCCESS
      • I set my goodreads goal to 52 books for the year and am way above track so far which is nice!
    • Review everything I read – FAIL
      • I haven’t reviewed anywhere near all of the books I’ve read, but I have been working through books I’ve read previously so I don’t feel too bad about it.
  • Work/Life balance & finances
    • Go to the cinema twice – SUCCESS
      • I’m determined to get more use out of my unlimited card, so I saw 1917 and Weathering with you this month and really enjoyed both!
    • Make a new budget – SUCCESS

How was your January?

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