Monthly recap

March Wrap-Up

Wow, well March was… a lot. Between my blog being down for around half the month, and then all the *gestures vaguely outside* real world drama, both blogging and reading were a bit of a bust for me last month. I’m hopeful that April will be better (more on that later) but for now, here’s a recap of what I got read.


Radical | The Day the World Came to Town | Epidemic | Spellslinger | The Pagan Stone | The Great Zoo of China | All Your Twisted Secrets

Books read: 7 (7 less than February
Pages read: 2568 (2056 less than February)
Average pages per day: 83 pages per day (76 less than February)
Average book length: 366 (36 more than February
Favourite(s): The Liar’s Key & The Queen of Nothing

Reading challenge progress

Audiobook challenge: +6 (Radical, The Day the World Came to Town, Epidemic, Spellslinger, The Pagan Stone, All your Twisted Secrets)
Total so far: 19/30

ARC Apocalypse +2 (Radical, All Your Twisted Secrets)
Total so far: 5/?

Beat The Backlist +6
Total so far: 24/?

Start On Your Shelfathon +2 (Radical, All Your Twisted Secrets)
Total so far: 11/?

How was your March?

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