OWLs 2020 & Page-A-Thon

I love the OWLs & NEWTs readathons, so of course I’m joining in again this year! In 2018 I went for Magizoologist and in 2019 I went for Metal Charmer – in both years I did great at the OWLs and then not so well at the NEWTs (2018 I think I hit everything but I didn’t track it anywhere to prove it! and 2019 I got Es in Charms ad Transfiguration instead of Os!).

Well, third time lucky?! This year I’m going for the Hogwarts Professor career, because it’s a good fit to real life! I can’t decide between teaching Care of Magical Creatures (good match to biology) or Potions (good match to chemistry?) so I’m going for both. Doubly qualified! With that in mind, I’ll be aimings for OWLs in both COMC and Potions, and an O in each of those for the NEWTs.

OWLs I need to do for the Hogwart professor career:

  • Care Of Magical Creatures: a beak on the cover – House of Earth & Blood [I know I marked this on Goodreads as started before April but I haven’t actually picked it up yet!]
  • DADA: Book set at the coast/sea – Temeraire, The Beholder OR Coral
  • Potions: Under 150 pages – Saga Vol. 8
  • Plus at least 4 others.

There are several training courses I would like to do as well:

  • Animagus training: need OWLs in Arithmancy*, Potions & Transfiguration*
  • Merpeople linguistics: need an OWL in Herbology*
  • Legal Defence of Fantastic Beasts: need OWLs in Care of Magical Creatures & History of Magic*

The OWLs with * above are ones I wouldn’t necessarily need to take for my Hogwarts professor career choice, but that I do need for training, so they will be the priority for my optional OWLs.

First priority OWLs

  • Arithmancy: Read something outside your favourite genre – The Inheritance (short stories are one of my least favourites!)
  • Herbology: title starts with an M – Magician’s Gambit
  • History of Magic: Book containing witches or wizards – Queen of Sorcery
  • Transfiguration: Book or series that features shapeshifting – Pawn of Prophecy

If I get through all of those I’ll fulfill the OWLs requirements for becoming a Hogwarts Professor, which means in August I’ll need an O in the subject I choose to teach (or both!), an E in Defence Against the Dark Arts and 2 As in other subjects. That means in August I need to read 7 books if I focus on one subject or 10 if I aim for a “joint honours” (not an official thing, just a thing I made up!)

Because I’m a mood reader and some of my TBR is dependent on library ebook holds, I’ve also identified possible books for the other OWLs, which I could do instead if I don’t worry about the training courses (or, if I have a super successful month, I could do these as well!).

Optional extras/alternate choices

  • Astronomy: Read the majority of this book when it’s dark outside – The Wheel of Osheim
  • Charms: white cover – Shadowblack
  • Divination: random number TBR – The Painted Man
  • Muggle studies: contemporary – Loveboat, Taipei


At the same time as this, I’ll also be joining in with the Pageathon, which is a very casual readathon that runs for the month of April and doesn’t have any prompts, just points for pages read and books finished.

Since there are no prompts, I figured why not join in with this as well? I’ll be aiming for an unofficial target of 3840+ pages, as that’s 128 pages per day. My average so far for the year is 127 pages per day, so it’s just a teeny teeny tiny bit above that!

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  1. I’ve gone for Hogwarts Professor as well 🙂 I’ve always gone for Magical Law Enforcement before, but that’s what I do in real life and I desperately needed an escape this year!

    I love that you’re reading the Belgariad! I’ve read that series through three times now and I still love it. I think it was my first foray into adult novels as a teenager.
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