WWW: 08/04/20

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Recently Finished

So thanks to a combination of factors, I finished quite a lot this week! This is mostly down to the fact I’m off work. I’m a teacher, so we’re on Easter holidays at the minute, and although I’ll have to go in for a couple of days, when you combine that with social distancing I have a lot more free time! Put that together with the OWLs readathon, Page-A-Thon and an unexpected Bout of Books and I’m feeling motivated to read lots! I also saw Ellyn’s post on trying a 30 in 30 and (somewhat foolishly) have decided to give it a go as well! I’ll be back at work halfway through the month (though maybe remotely) so I’ll be adding plenty of manga and graphic novels to my reading too to try and hit it.

Currently Reading

I actually picked up Crescent City mid-March, but didn’t start it until the 1st of April, so I feel like it’s been hanging over me for ages even though it hasn’t! I’m enjoying it but I’m also finding it quite slow – I’m just over a third of the way through and don’t find myself desperate to pick it up in my free time. I’m hoping that’ll change as I get more engrossed and that I can get this finised this week.

Up next

I was planning to read The Inheritance for my Arithmancy OWL, which is all about reading outside your favourite genre(s) but I just read yet another rave review for The Binding, so I’m switching that in instead. I have a copy of on my shelf and keep avoiding it because it’s historical fiction, which I used to love but haven’t really read in years. Having said that, Temeraire is kind of alternate history fantasy and I really enjoyed that so I figure it’s time to give historical fiction another chance! My next manga choice will be Assassination Classroom, again because it’s been so highly recommended.

What are you reading this week?

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