WWW: 15/04/20

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Recently Finished

I have been THOROUGHLY enjoying being on the Easter holidays this week, despite the lockdown and all the craziness that is currently going on, because the one silver lining is that I can stay home and read as much as I like guilt free! I’ve been reading a real mix of things to hit off prompts for the OWLs readathon and to try and read off my shelves where I can. Pawn of Prophecy was a reread, but the rest were all new to me. I thought Kim Jiyoung was disappointing, but I enjoyed the others.

Currently Reading

I’ve very nearly finished Wolf Hall, and since I wasn’t sure what to pick up next, I’ve gone for The Six on a bit of an impulse even though it isn’t one from my shelves….oops! I’ve been reading more manga and graphic novels to give myself a bit of a break from text since I’m just reading for a lot more hours than usual, and since my library has the Avatar comics, I’m working my way through those.

Up next

I’m a bit behind on my 30 books in 30 days challenge (which isn’t a good sign as next week I’ll be back at work!) and have so far finished 10/30. I’ve nearly finished all my prompts for the OWLs readathon so I can be a bit flexible, but I’m a big mood reader so I’m not really scheduling much in the way of next reads, except for plenty of manga/graphic novels and listening to my moods to try and keep the reading streak up! I’m hoping to get more than these two finished in the next week but I think I’ll just see what I fancy/what comes in on my library ebook holds.

What are you reading this week?

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