June TBR & Goals

What’s on in June?

Things are really ramping up in terms of school and coronavirus now, so it looks like I’ll still be remote teaching and also in school a lot more for some of the year 10s and 12s. I don’t have many plans for June other than that! I’ve also been really enjoying bookstagram so I want to keep going with that.

June Goals

  1. Read at least 3 books by Black authors
  2. Read at least 3 review copies
  3. Write and schedule three reviews
  4. Post at least 10 times on bookstagram (much lower this month because of work)
  5. Add my audio review copies to my review copy list

June TBR

Raider of the Lost Arcs

📖 🎧️ Song Below Water (288) | 📖 📄 Sisters of Sword & Song (480)
📖 📄Pan’s Labyrinth (320)

If you missed my new review copy catch up game you can find the rules here and the list I’ll be reading from here.

First roll: 4 + 5 = 9
Narnia (light blue) = fantasy [A Song Below Water]

Second roll: 4 + 2 = 6
Hufflepuff = yellow cover or featuring an animal [honestly, bit of a stretch but I’m hoping Sisters of Sword and Song does because there’s an animal on the cover]

Third roll: 1 + 2 = 3
Hill House = horror [Pan’s Labyrinth]

June TBR

So, June is 100% one of those months where I want to do too many things. I really want to focus on diversifying my reading, and reading more authors of colour, both in terms of fiction and non-fiction. I’ve been trying to be more informed about institutional racism and how to be a better ally, and one of the ways I can do that is by reading non-fiction, and buying, reviewing, and sharing books by Black authors, so that was the first thing on my mind when I put this month’s (and will be for future months’) TBRs together.

I’m continuing with my Harry Potter re-read, and will also be starting a Percy Jackson re-read, so that fills up two of my slots for the month. My new Raider of the Lost ARCs game starts this month so I’ve also slotted books that fit into that onto this TBR, but of course they only count if I review them.

Finally, I’m taking part in the Olympic Games readathon, for House Hades, which means I need books that tie into the prompts for that too! I figure I’ve got 4 of the 5 prompts covered with the list below, so I just need to see if I can squeeze a fifth in by the end of the month!

📖 Review copy | 📚️ Owned | 🎧️ Audiobook | 📄 eBook

📖 🎧️ Stamped (320) | 📚️ 📄 HP 7 (640) | Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (re-read) (400) | 📖📄 Seasons of the Storm (480)

To be honest, I’m hoping I might get through a little more than this, but if I do, I’ll probably head back to the board and roll for my next read, so I’m not going to plan any more out and will just play it by ear instead!

Total books on TBR: 7
Total pages: 2928
Breakdown: 2 audio | 1 physical | 4 eBook

What do you have planned for June?

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