Raider of the Lost ARCs

Raider of the Lost ARCs: Round #1 Recap

So, back at the end of May I posted about my TBR/Review copies game, Raider of the Lost ARCs. I intended to have monthly rounds but as I said in my June wrap-up, June was a bit of a flop for me, so round one actually ran from 1st June – 31st July 2020. I’m pretty happy with my progress this round and I’m excited to roll for another set for August.

First roll: 4 + 5 = 9
Narnia (light blue) = fantasy [A Song Below Water]

Read AND Reviewed! 1* added to Narnia.

Second roll: 4 + 2 = 6
Hufflepuff = yellow cover or featuring an animal [honestly, bit of a stretch but I’m hoping Sisters of Sword and Song does because there’s an animal on the cover]

Read AND Review scheduled! 1* added to Hufflepuff.

Third roll: 1 + 2 = 3
Hill House = horror [Pan’s Labyrinth]

…Not read.   BUT I did allow myself a ‘cheat’ and wrote a review for a back list title I’d already read that fit the prompt (Adaptation – Malinda Lo 💻 [NG])

Added to the TBR:

Titles requested: 1

A Song Of Wraiths & Ruin 💻 [EW]

Credits available before this: 0

–> Go to jail, pay two reviews to leave.

Additional titles not rolled for but reviewed:

  1. A Taste of You – Sorcha Grace 💻 [NG]
  2. Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy – Mackenzi Lee 💻 [EW]
  3. The White Rose – Amy Ewing 💻 [EW]
  4. Wild – Alex Mallory 💻 [EW]
  5. Burn – Patrick Ness 💻 [EW]
  6. The Dead Boy’s Club 🎧 [Author]
  7. The Guest List – Lucy Foley 💻 [NG]

Bonuses earned: 1 (+ 0 books to carry over towards the next bonus as I spent 2 reviews spent to allow me out of jail)

Stats as of the end of Round #1:

–> 2020 upcoming: 3 (-4)
–> 2020 overdue: 24 (+/- 0)
–> Backlist digital copies: 90 (-6, 3 EW, 2 NG, 1Author]
–> Backlist hardcopies: 32

–> Total reviews written: 10
–> Books requested: 1
–> TOTAL number of books to read/review: 150 (-9)

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