Among Us Readathon: TBR & Progress

I’ve never actually played Among Us, but my students are obsessed, and since it’s a new year and I’m feeling super motivated about blogging, bookstagramming and reading, it just makes sense to join in with this readathon! I haven’t edited my imposter details above because honestly, I have no idea what I should be putting for ‘favorite map’ etc, so I’m just leaving it blank! I’ve decided to be an imposter, even though that sets a somewhat impossible feeling 12 book target, because it gives the most freedom in terms of prompts, which is helpful when I want to be able to incoporate my Raiders of the Lost ARCs rolls, as well as just my general mood reading. Stupidly I decided to join in a few days after the month, so my first book of the year doesn’t count, as it doesn’t fit either target, but fingers crossed for a more successful rest of the month.

Fake A Task: (swipe card OR fix wiring) (read a standalone OR read a sequel) (You must complete this task First)
The People at Number 9 (Standalone)

Vent: Sneak attack! You’ve just murdered a crewmate and made a hasty escape. Read a book that you think will surprise you. (example: a 5 star prediction, a book you know nothing about, a book by your favourite author, a recommendation etc. interpret as you wish)


Blame Someone Else: As a good Imposter should, you shift the blame onto an innocent crewmate. Read a book with a morally grey character.

Kill Purple: Divert Power Part 1: read a book by an author of colour

Kill Cyan: Align Engine Output Part 1: read a comic/graphic novel/manga

Kill Pink: Inspect Sample Part 2: read a book with an animal or a person on the cover


Kill White: Clean 02 Filter: read a book with a breathtaking cover

Kill Black: Fuel Engine Part 3: read a book set in the past (interpret as you wish)

Obviously I don’t have enough books above, but I don’t want to plan too far in advance, because it messes with my ability to mood read (and also because this feels pretty ambitious as it is!). I’ll add more books if/when they’re needed, so this is my starting point. I’ll be tracking my progress on Twitter and here as the month goes on.


Tasks completed:

  1. Fake A Task: The People at Number 9 ✅ (+100)
  2. Kill Purple: Concrete Rose ✅ (+100)

Points so far: 200

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