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[Looking Ahead] January 2021

January Goals

  1. Read at least 4 books for the Among Us readathon
  2. Write and schedule three reviews
  3. Post at least 6 times on bookstagram
  4. Finish setting up the nursery (9 weeks to go!)

January Rolls for Raiders of the Lost ARCS

Starting position: Go!

First roll: 3 (2+1) = Landfall

  • Prompt: Read a graphic novel or manga
  • Title chosen: The Wicked & The Divine v1

Second roll: 9 (4+5) = NetGalley Tower

  • Prompt: Read a NetGalley Title
  • Title chosen: A Deadly Education

Third roll: 8 (6+2) = Free Parking

  • Prompt: Choose a book from the starting list at random
  • Title chosen: The People at Number 9

Fourth roll: 8 (5+3) = Edelweiss HQ

  • Prompt: Read an Edelweiss title
  • Title chosen: Concrete Rose

January TBR


The People at Number 9 (315) | A Deadly Education (336) | 🎧️ A Promised Land (768) | The Wicked & The Divine (176) | Concrete Rose (304) | How the King of Elfhame learned to hate stories (200) | The Duke & I (384)

Why yes, yes this does feel somewhat unattainable, but aim high right?! I’ve only got one audio title on here which is unusual for me, but thanks to the fact we’re now teaching from home, I won’t be commuting for 90 minutes a day as I was before, PLUS Obama’s book is long, so I think just finishing this one will be enough to keep me busy!

Total books on TBR: 7

Total pages: 2483

Breakdown: 2 physical | 1 audio | 4 eBooks

What do you have planned for January?

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