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January 2021 Wrap-Up

Wow, 1 month down already, and I have to admit I almost can’t believe January is over! I feel like the days themselves go slowly but that the weeks are going quickly. I suspect that’s because the days all feel somewhat the same… We’re now only 6 weeks away from 👶 🤰 due date (eek!) so teaching from home has been one silver lining of lockdown for us, as I admit I’m very glad to be off my feet during the day! I’ve enjoyed not doing so much driving too, as it’s getting much harder as the bump gets bigger. Although I’ve had less audiobook time thanks to not driving so much, it’s also meant longer evenings together, and we’ve been making the most of it, watching various tv and movies, as well as getting more reading done. All in all, despite the negatives, we’ve had a fortunate start to 2021 I think, hope you have too! ⁠

January Goals

  1. Read at least 4 books for the Among Us readathon 
    • SUCCESS!
  2. Write and schedule three reviews
    • SUCCESS!
  3. Post at least 6 times on bookstagram
    • SUCCESS!
  4. Finish setting up the nursery (9 weeks to go!)
    • Er… Ongoing.
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Planned & read:

The People at Number 9 (315) | A Deadly Education (336) | 🎧️ A Promised Land (768) | The Wicked & The Divine (176) | Concrete Rose (304) | How the King of Elfhame learned to hate stories (200) | The Duke & I (384)

Unplanned & read:


🎧️ Luster (240) | 🎧️ Ready Player Two (370) | 🎧️ All Systems Red (144) | The Great Soul of Siberia (288)


Books read: 11 Pages read: 3525 Average pages per day: 113 Average book length: 320 Favourite: Concrete Rose


How was your January?

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