Monthly recap

June Wrap-Up

After a BRILLIANT May, June was a total disaster for me. My reading and blogging went through the floor for no real obvious reason that I can tell. We’re on the last half-term before summer now and I have to admit, this one has been kicking my ass – between more days on the rota,… Read More June Wrap-Up

Monthly recap

May Wrap-Up

Well, May was never going to be as good a month reading wise as April, which had three weeks of Easter holidays and in which I managed 30 books in 30 days, but it was still a very good reading month. I’m still teaching from home, which is no less hours than at school, but… Read More May Wrap-Up

monthly goals

May TBR & Goals

What’s on in May? I mean honestly, at this point, who knows?! I’m a teacher, so I’m currently working from home so still plenty busy, but it looks like we may be going back sooner rather than later? Not sure! Either way, May is going to be a much busier month that my super successful… Read More May TBR & Goals

Monthly recap

April Wrap-Up

Does anyone else feel like April went by SO fast?! I was on the Easter break for two weeks which was really nice; I threw myself into reading as you can tell! Reading Assassination Classroom vol. 1 | Avatar: The Rift | Beastars vol. 1 | The Beast Within | Pawn of Prophecy | Queen… Read More April Wrap-Up

Monthly recap

March Wrap-Up

Wow, well March was… a lot. Between my blog being down for around half the month, and then all the *gestures vaguely outside* real world drama, both blogging and reading were a bit of a bust for me last month. I’m hopeful that April will be better (more on that later) but for now, here’s… Read More March Wrap-Up