November goals recap

Uni assignments 1. Climate change essay – DONE 2. Practical write up – DONE 3. Taxonomy poster 4. Frog presentation – DONE Online 1. To reach 400 posts/$10 on Mylot (whichever comes first) – Not done/not on track 2. To post on StudentSpyglass at least 15 times – 23/15 DONE 3. To reach 6 million neopoints… Read More November goals recap


November goals

There’s only 8 weeks left until the end of the year – how is everyone coping with their New Year’s Resolutions? Oh, you forgot about them? No worries, most people do! Now, with only a short time left this year, it’s a great opportunity to think about what you could achieve before the end of… Read More November goals


2012 Goals

I’ve been very unfocused about my goals in 2012, probably because I didn’t write them down! I’m definitely better at sticking to things if they’re written down to remind me, so my targets for 2012 are being publicly announced here, also making me accountable!  I’m starting each of these goals today, since I’ve been so… Read More 2012 Goals