Oh, How Pinteresting (#8)

Michelle over at The Vintage Apple hosts ‘Oh, How Pinteresting’ every Wednesday if you want to link up!

Pinterest is one of those things it’s so easy to get lost in, pinning here there and everywhere without ever actually attempting any of the projects.  I’m going to attempt to tackle a pinterest project regularly in the future, but some pins (like dream houses, travel ideas, wedding inspiration etc) are in the long-distant future for a student like me, and so this gives me a chance to show off those as well!

Gorgeous: DIY Make up / Nail Art / DIY Nail varnish


Recipe: Sweet / Savoury / Healthyish

Someday: House / Travel / Wedding

Just because

Fantastic Links: 29th July

This week I’ve found 11 Links ranging from recipes to make up to book blogging bucketlists!

20 Things I wish I’d known at 20 – I especially love #6 and 14+.

You might love Reading Lists of Fictional Characters – as a rare TV watcher, some of these escaped me, but I loved Lisa Simpson & Matilda.

Even if you have no interest in weddings, I bet you like some of these 15 Geeky Wedding Invites – I adore the Harry Potter themed one (less tacky than it sounds I swear, check it out!)

Love this ‘Twilight Fae’ make up look – definitely too sparkly for day to day, but it makes me think of cocktail parties or jazzing up a simple summer evening look.

This Teal & Gold make up look (very subtle teal!) would be perfect for a big night out.  That blog also has lots of character inspired make up looks like the avengers.

I’ve been thinking about my bucket list/101 in 1001 list recently, and stumbled across blogging bucketlists.  I love both A Glass of Wine‘s & Holes in My Brain‘s book blogging bucketlists. I’m thinking of putting one together – any suggestions for me?

Dean Street Society run month long style challenges, where a theme or prompt is given for each day.  I’m dying my hair tomorrow (to a very dark blonde I’ve never had before) and am debating trying it, as a way to challenge myself while I get used to which colours work and don’t.  The August list isn’t up yet, but July’s can be viewed here as an example.

These skinny cinnamon raisin scones look fabulous as do these tiny Zucchini Tots.

I don’t personally like shrimp much, but I’d love to remake these Grilled Pesto Shrimp skewers with chicken.